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Yahoo personals dating in hialeah fl

"Once the funds are credited to the account, we would need express permission from our customer to send the funds back."The bank is investigating the case, she said. How exactly did the scammer gain access to Joyce Fox's Yahoo account?

So is JPMorgan Chase, the FBI and Florida's Attorney General's office. It's widely known that Yahoo said its August 2013 data breach affected virtually all of its customers -- some 3 billion accounts, the company said."We have definitive proof that her account was hacked, emails intercepted and replaced and deleted," Ben Fox said.

That call was placed only two hours after they realized the money was gone.

Fox told Bamboozled the Bof A rep said the bank couldn't help because Fox wasn't a Bank of America customer.

"It was at that moment we all realized that the money had been wire-transferred into someone else's account," Ben Fox said.

"My wife and I had been defrauded out of ,500 by a sophisticated, yet simple scam."ON THE HUNTBen Fox hit the internet and started to gather information immediately.

Because the money was sent to a Bank of America (Bof A) account, the couple asked the bank to freeze the funds.After a series of phony emails and one phone call, ,500 of Ben and Joyce Fox's hard-earned money vanished. The couple, in their mid-60s, planned for it to be a retirement home.The property was a foreclosure owned by JPMorgan Chase.Still others were sent to her account by someone impersonating the attorney and his paralegal. Someone also created an email address masquerading as the Fox's real estate agent, and this, too, was off by one character.The first email sent from the scammer using the close-but-not-quite email address of the paralegal was sent on Aug. It told Joyce Fox she would soon need to wire the funds.

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