Window glass thickness dating technique is kevin jonas dating

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Window glass thickness dating technique

In a preceding study, the scattering properties of four exemplary finds of Roman glass were quantitatively ascertained.

A transmission model fit to these measured optical properties is applied with a geometric model of Hagia Sophia in daylight simulations.

These panes may represent original 14th-century glazing or the alterations and addition to the windows commissioned by Sir Richard Clements in the early 16th century.

Chemical analysis indicates that 34% of the analysed panes are made from high-lime, low-alkali (HLLA) glass and so likely to have been manufactured towards the end of the 16th century or during the 17th century.

Previous research has established how changes in raw materials and window glass manufacturing technologies are manifested in the composition of the glass and that this can be used as the basis for a glass dating technique.

This report contains the analysis of 1,939 panes of window glass from Ightham Mote, Kent.

The problems of analysing glass which also has a UV-absorbing film are also assessed through the analysis of 75 panes analysed from both inside and outside surfaces.The distribution of the forest and HLLA glass suggests that many of these panes have been re-set and that some may even have been moved from window to window, room to room and possibly building to building.This report presents the results of chemical analysis of historic window glass at Walmer Castle.These problems have prompted a greater reliance on heavy elements, such as rubidium and strontium, whose detection is less affected by surface corrosion.The p XRF data has been analysed to show that 10% of the analysed panes are made of forest glass, that is glass manufactured before the last third of the 16th century.

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