Who is reggie bush dating these days

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I think she cheated on Reggie because reggie wasn't trying as hard to make money with her bc he hated cameras.

She lives on a diet of television, movies and food.One even looked just like Kim, to the point where Kim sued the bitch (and Old Navy! Basically, I always thought there was a chance Kim and Reggie would get back together. Kim Kardashian has REUNITED with her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush … the two were smiling and laughing during the lunch date …breaking bread with the NFL player at the Beverly Hills Hotel this weekend … and played it cool when fans approached them for pictures and autographs. before Kim went off and married/divorced that other guy whose name we can’t remember.I doubt she has loved any of the men she has been with.I think she loved Reggie as much as she can love anyone. But the chance to upgrade in terms of publicity was worth cheating on him.

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