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Ever since Camila made her solo debut, on Shawn's hit single ' I Know What You Did Last Summer' in 2015, the two stars have been best friends.Barely a day goes by without Shawn and Camila praising each other on social media or complimenting each other in interviews.In the music video, Camila plays a waitress, with Shawn starring as a regular Joe just looking to get something to eat.When they meet, however, things heat up and they end up back at a hotel room ripping each other’s clothes off. With lyrics like ‘You say that we’re just friends, but friends don’t know the way you taste’ it’s not hard to see why fans are loving every bit of the track and its accompanying video.The pair were first spotted together in early 2018 when they were pictured kissing on a beach.Matthew is a published author, having written a book entitled, ''.

According to reports, it was a mutual decision to end things and the relationship had simply run its course.Not only that but Camila is reportedly still dating relationship expert Matthew Hussey.Regardless, fans can't wait to hear what they've recorded.A source close to Camila told The Sun: ‘This is of course going to fuel rumours that she and Shawn [Mendes] have become more than just pals though.’ The smoking gun when it comes to evidence, though, is that the two were spotted out in West Hollywood holding hands, with Shawn holding the Havana singer’s bag.That said, neither have confirmed any romance at the moment, so it remains speculation.

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; he works as a relationship expert, according to People Magazine.

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