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Who is alesha renee dating

Finally, she realized that she had mastered the art, after years of struggling to refine her performance on stage.This was well reflected in the following year’s All-South Classic 2010 Championships. It was when Aleesha Young carried home not only the award for the best athlete in the women’s heavyweight category, but also the overall championship title.Since a tender age of 6 yrs, Aleesha was already known in her neighbourhood for being the muscled little girl.She recalls how boys from her grade school used to ask her to flex her biceps to their own amusement feigned with hints of amazement.Aleesha Young General Overview The 30-year-old Aleesha Young was born on November 10th 1984 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.She is an American professional bodybuilder and also a fitness model.Aleesha Young is best known in the fitness niche for her 2014 win in the NPC USA championships, where she was announced the overall best bodybuilder in the women’s heavyweight division.She also managed to scoop the overall title in the same competitions.

Aleesha Young was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah as the first child in a family of three. A brief look at her genetic pool shows that she was born in a family of athletes.

This was in the Utah state championships where she was announced the overall best athlete in the amateur women’s category.

Earlier on, Aleesha Young had doubted her ability to perform on stage.

However, it was softball and cheerleading that earned her a scholarship to college in her late teens.

Under the guidance of her father, Aleesha Young began weight training at the age of 15.

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Her father-Sr Young is a retired bodybuilder and perhaps the biggest influence behind Aleesha’s current success in the same field.