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And who knows – you might even be in Vienna soon yourself and wave at the camera to your friends!

The hotel in which this camera is installed is primarily designed for businessmen who are not interested in visiting the sights of the Netherlands capital. Schiphol is built at the airport, so from the windows of the rooms, you can only look at the planes taking off and landing.

I’m pretty sure there is way more to Amsterdam’s pay for play scene than what I have gotten to see. Coming from Thailand, I was expecting the sex district to be one distinct part of town that is filled with prostitutes – and prostitutes only.

Just like Soi Cowboy or Nana in Bangkok, or Walking Street in Pattaya where you have one gogo/beer bar after another.

This will be very subjective because I am basing it off my personal preferences.

In Thailand, you can go out and regardless of which Red Light District you go to, you have hundreds of girls to choose from.

Yes, there are some Black and even Latin hookers but you won’t find them attractive.

Amsterdam’s Red Light district is called De Wallen and it’s located right here.I knew where De Wallen was but it still took a while to actually find some girls.You might have seen the skimpily-clad prostitutes in brothel windows before, but there aren’t many of them on the main streets next to the canal.Services for passengers at the airport include libraries, equipped recreation areas, children’s playrooms, shops, and shopping centers. By the way, a morgue was built near the unusual registry office. Recently, I had the chance to visit Amsterdam with a good friend of mine.

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