Validating surveys reliability validity

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There are different forms of research validity and main ones are specified by Cohen et al (2007) as content validity, criterion-related validity, construct validity, internal validity, external validity, concurrent validity and face validity.Measures to ensure validity of a research include, but not limited to the following points: a) Appropriate time scale for the study has to be selected; b) Appropriate methodology has to be chosen, taking into account the characteristics of the study; c) The most suitable sample method for the study has to be selected; d) The respondents must not be pressured in any ways to select specific choices among the answer sets.

This is particularly important with achievement tests.

It is a reliable test (high scores relate to high GPA), though only a moderately valid indicator of success (due to the lack of structured environment – class attendance, parent-regulated study, and sleeping habits – each holistically related to success).

Second, validity is more important than reliability.

Using the above example, college admissions may consider the SAT a reliable test, but not necessarily a valid measure of other quantities colleges seek, such as leadership capability, altruism, and civic involvement.

The combination of these aspects, alongside the SAT, is a more valid measure of the applicant’s potential for graduation, later social involvement, and generosity (alumni giving) toward the alma mater.

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Finally, the most useful instrument is both valid and reliable. It is a moderately reliable predictor of future success and a moderately valid measure of a student’s knowledge in Mathematics, Critical Reading, and Writing.