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We were immediately offered the best perch in the roost, the chai table (which is very much like a large, low picnic table) which we gladly took and set up our little tent to get some privacy and protect ourselves from any nighttime bugs.The three young children were endlessly fascinated with us and our ‘palatka’ (tent) and stood unblinkingly at the door for minutes at a time.

There we experienced a seriously weird breakfast complete with über sweet cakes and poor quality chocolates, but with one home-cooked addition each day which was by far the tastiest of each meal.

In the back streets we witnessed our first instance of kids swimming in public pools and fountains. We took the train to Samarkand – Alex got Tan Nay Nay on with force and a casual pretence of not understanding the protests of the guards.

No bribes were paid and she wasn’t in anyone’s way.

Kat, Ruth and Andrew piled all three in a minibus with bags and panniers on top, beside and below.

Alex rode behind the extremely courteous taxi driver all the way to the Fur Kat Homestay.

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Dennis was our guide – an English-speaking chemical engineer, a third-generation Russian-Uzbek (who considers and describes himself as Russian) who had casually changed careers to where the money is!

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