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Updating pkgsrc

) Therefore I need a non-root package manager on linux.

On Mac, there is Homebrew, which is very convenient and does not require root privileges.

Let’s add a second state — in this case, we want to run Consul on the host itself (rather than in my use-case, which is in a zone, but for the sake of generality, we’ll run it on the host).

(I think one reason is that most Linux distributions have very good package managers, so that people didn’t realized that there are a small group of people who need non-root package management.

The last thing I’ll demonstrate here is persisting the platform upgrade script to move your Smart OS release on the USB key up to the next release!

One of my absolute favorite things about Smart OS is that I don’t need to reimage my installation media and reinstall the OS each time there is a new release — you can do both manually, but there is an so using the tooling available in Salt Stack I can pull the script (though it has not been updated in a while, this could change, and I want the current version, so I will not manage the script as a file resource instead), and include it into my path: earlier which, itself, allows Salt Stack to require, and install if not present, the git package.— — There’s a lot of things I could’ve done differently here to make this a better long-term approach, but like I said, this is a work in progress (and, full disclosure, I was hesitant to allocate time to fully integrating these hosts, and now I wish i had!

Thus, when installing packages, you must assure that the right ones are used.

Moreover, when bootstrapping pkgsrc on Mir OS, the Mir Ports directories (normally /usr/mpkg/bin and /usr/mpkg/sbin) must not be in your PATH.

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However, pkgsrc generally contains more and newer software. Mir Ports and pkgsrc can be installed and used in parallel.