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When a high-energy proton collides with an atom in the Earth’s atmosphere, it can break apart that atom to produce (still high-energy) secondary radiation in the form of neutrons, protons, and other subatomic particles.

Because this account should only be enabled and used in disaster-recovery scenarios, it is anticipated that physical access to at least one domain controller will be available, or that other accounts with permissions to access domain controllers remotely can be used.

Important When you add the Administrator account to these settings, you specify whether you are configuring a local Administrator account or a domain Administrator account by how you label the accounts.

We recommend restricting local Administrator accounts on member servers and workstations in the same manner as domain-based Administrator accounts.

Therefore, you should generally add the Administrator account for each domain in the forest and the Administrator account for the local computers to these user rights settings.

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Super high energy particles—mostly protons— are produced by our Sun, supernovae, and probably other extraterrestrial sources.