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Updating g1

I’m pretty sure all settings you mentioned as set per normal… However when working on the boat this weekend I noticed my si duecer was not completely snapped into the 1199… Due to licensing and other issues Godox may not have new official upgrade software available until later in the year.

So Google Translate or similar will be needed to find the correct files (the Google Chrome browser is also very handy for fast translations).

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UPDATE – The firmware and user manual download page is now available on the English Godox site as well – is may still be a good idea to check if the Chinese page may have any later updates).

Until new update software is available though, it is possible to update firmware using Windows systems right up to the current Windows 10, by simply Disabling Driver Signature Verification on your computer before installing the current Godox Firmware Update software.

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I have my helix 12 linked to my 1199 and I can no longer get si on my 1199.

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