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The remote control is the standard, baton-style one that Samsung includes with most of its A/V products; it has a relatively narrow face and smallish buttons.

Its primary playback control buttons glow in the dark and have some unique tactile features, such as raised nubs to help with navigation in dimly lit environments.

(Keep in mind the player does not support the internal decoding of DTS-HD audio.) There's also an Ethernet port for easy firmware updates, but the BD-P1400 doesn't allow access to the additional online features that some new BD movies offer.

HDMI video output video output support extends to 1080p60 with BD video, as well as with upconverted regular DVDs.

Properly authored videos (most DVD movies) played perfectly, but the BD-P1400 stumbled at detecting the pattern of 24-frame-per-second material (most film and digital cinema-based sources) that was authored or edited in a nonstandard fashion—on tape, for instance.

Samsung is also among the first manufacturers to provide integrated Ethernet ports on its Blu-ray devices.

Updates can also be downloaded from Samsung's Web site and installed via recordable CD.

Disc loading times for the BD-P1400 were on the slow side when compared with other players I've tested.

Audiophiles will be pleased to hear that the BD-P1400 will pass bitstream output of high-quality audio formats (such as Dolby True HD and DTS-HD), via HDMI, to a compatible AVR (audio/video receiver).

The player can also internally decode Dolby True HD, which comes in handy if your audio receiver lacks this ability.

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Despite that, the 1080i HD HQV Benchmark showed that the player would do a good job at deinterlacing standard-def DVDs.

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