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flooded Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville, Ontario, over the May long weekend to take in the highly anticipated Victoria Day Speed Fest.

As the rich smell of BBQ filled the air, the sun was shining for the mid-morning start time.

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Manual processes created ineffective communication and ineffective data flow between departments.Enter the password for your home network and tap the Connect button.The app will confirm that you’ve successfully connected to your home network and the monitoring section on your Envoy home screen will look like this: Once you’ve established a successful connection, return to your mobile device’s Wi-Fi settings and disconnect from the Envoy’s network.From getting tactile with textures to taking it back to nature, HOLR Magazine dives deep into the top 5 decor trends they see coming into the marketplace in 2019.Get ready to embrace nude shades, get cosy with ethnic rugs, bask in the natural light and more…

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Not only will this brighten things up in your space but it will also give off the illusion of having a bigger space.

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