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Unifordating com

NSI Holdings Limited asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit and said Officer Guzman’s situation was “not enviable.” “He is a married man and respected member of his community who has been caught with a profile on an online dating website,” the company said in their court filing.“While sympathies may flow in [Guzman’s] direction, there is no liability” for NSI Holdings Limited.The company said its data showed that Officer Guzman’s profile had only been visited on the day it was created, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported.

“Jason, 33, Single,” read the ad, with the caption “"Bullproof [sic] vest?The quirky, Ann Summers-esque 'date a man in uniform' came in when the site grew far bigger than they could have been imagined.The popular emergency services dating site was given a revamp when it changed hands a few years later, pushing the “hero” aspect that lies within the uniform industries and suggesting that singles date people in uniform as a way to date a real life superhero whose hectic (and at times anti-social) work schedule is one that you can cope with, rather than overtly talking about the draw of meeting singles that wear uniforms every day for other, less innocent reasons.NSI Holdings Limited claimed the pictures of the officer were removed within days of his initial request, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel.The lawsuit alleges that the company violated state and federal laws that prohibit the use of a person’s likeness for commercial or advertising purposes without express consent; however, the company maintains that it had consent.

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The reaction was strong, with the site at one point rumoured to boast far more women than men due to what our uniform dating review team are calling the 'fireman factor' – the undeniable fact that there are many women that find firemen and other single men in uniform sexy.