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Walking instead of driving, growing their food and making their dresses themselves, Russian women manage this job graciously and happily, being on a very tough budget.

It is difficult to get a committed man and it's not easy to keep him.

Russian people also read much more than an average westerner, since books are cheap and the habit of reading still has not been replaced by computer games and other entertainment due to expensiveness of the equipment.

In seventies and eighties, books in Russia were in fashion, and most people have extensive home libraries (having thousands of books at home is nothing special).

This answer you can also use for your male acquaintances and, with some modifications, for Russian women (you should tell them that you like Russian women's attitudes towards family; the word "values" has a different meaning in Russian).

It is true that family is very important for Russian women.

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This answer is the best when used for male friends and Russian women themselves.

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