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A total of 75,000 Indian Jews now live in Israel (over 1% of Israel's total population). No, they do not, although there are small Jewish populations in India that may include Hebrew speakers.

It is widley beleived that the rocket launchers would launch from civilian homes, knowing that Israel wouldn't attack. The parables in the Bible are about a number of topics. Many of Jesus' parable were directed at the nation of Israel, through the parables Jesus showed the nation of Israel that they have departed from God's ways eg parable of the Lost Son, The Lost Coin Some parables are about the kingdom of God eg The Sower, The Hidden Treasure. But be aware that Isreali authorities will most probably ask you many questions about what you did in Jordan and what you intend to do in Isreal. It will take a while before your question appears in the comment box. An kinaon na kalunggayminaluwas luhay-luhay,kalunggay man giraray. Shimon Kreiz has written: 'Stereotypes of Jews and Israel in Russian detective fiction' -- subject(s): Antisemitism, Detective and mystery stories, Russian, History and criticism, Jews in literature, Russian Detective and mystery stories, Russian fiction Israel retains the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Shrine of the Book Museum in Jerusalem (except at such times when they are on foreign exhibition). They are not really a mystery since the Hebrew is readily understandable (although old).

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totoo yang tanong mo kahit ang mga tula rin ni rizal dinadaan nya lang sa tula na na may kahalong patalinhaga tinutukoy nya ang mga lugar na may kaugnayan sa pagdating ni kristo.

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