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v=xk5BXZOCJh Y&feature=related I am very excited about the première of the third season of True Blood—dashing Bill, virginal Sookie, stereotypical of black women Terra, sinisterly charming Eric, and rogue-like Jason Stackhouse.

But I can't stand it when a guy picks me up for a date and then asks, "So! The actors were reportedly spotted getting cuddly at the recent Coachella Music Festival. More Ways to Get Glamour Visit for cute stuff starting at just !

It could also benefit from its ability (on premium cable) to feature graphic sexuality, a proven ratings magnet that also boosts the popularity of fellow HBO series “Game of Thrones.” Whatever the reasons, the series has been able to maintain remarkably high ratings, as well as considerable critical acclaim, through an impressive seven-season run.

When the show reaches its finale on Sunday, it will go out as one of the all-time HBO giants.

I agree that flying by the seat of your pants can be amazing when it comes to dating. Even if it's one core activity—a dinner reservation or tickets to a hockey game—and then we can play it by ear after that. How else could he charm a hottie like Kate Bosworth?

(Photo by Jason La Veris/Film Magic) Hmm, very interesting!

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I would never attend a True Blood movie première dressed as a Vampire, a Hobbit (i.e. Harry Potter), or as an Upper East Side fashionistas (i.e. What do you mean black people don’t watch True Blood?

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