Tips for dating a pro athlete six dating behaviors that scare single women away

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After the particular event, an athlete may lose his sense of purpose and have a hard time reintegrating into a routine that does not focus solely on the sport.An athlete may experience depression if he is unprepared for the transition.Societal projections and expectations make it challenging for athletes to seek mental health help.

Categorized by society as physically and mentally fit and tough, athletes are represented as pillars of health and well-being in culture.

Identification and treatment of depression in athletes helps relieve symptoms and decrease the depression.

One in ten Americans experience depression, according to the National Institute of Health.

Individual and personal sports create a high pressure environment that focuses on winning and achieving progress.

Setbacks, whether because of a loss or an injury, may challenge an athlete's esteem and feelings of self worth and contribute to the development of depression.

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I was once told as a high performance athlete bringing your private problems to work is not an option.

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