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Swoon dating

With regards to the “ethnic matching”; looking around, it did seem like couples were more likely to be paired if they had backgrounds of ethnic minorities.

As a second generation Aussie with a minority background, I can understand why others might be pissed off if this was a .

Having said that, it is worth noting that yes, I did give my number out to a few people that night…but all of them were other girls who were keen for another Girl’s Night Out.

We all agreed that we had had a fun night, and would definitely do it again, but only at the Early-bird ticket price, or better matching.

Now, if the questions had covered things like “Have you ever been charged for assault?

” then yes, I’d be all for filtering out matches with different answers to mine.

My ‘hit rate’ by the end of the night worked out to be 50%.

Having said that, I made some Caucasian girl friends that night, and their rates were 38% and 0% for comparison.

Overall, I think Adventure Dating is a fantastic concept and has huge potential to really take-off as an alternative to speed dating, with a few tweaks.Unlike other speed dating events I have been to, people also tended to hang around and mingle afterwards, which was facilitated by the free drink post-event.Another good thing about Adventure Dating was the lack of pencil and paper checklists.Ten minutes is great when matched with someone who can converse, but it’s a bit of a nightmare when your interaction goes something like this: Him: “Do you uh, go dancing? I feel Adventure Dating is based on the premise that you will go on less dates (around 8, as opposed to, say, 14), but you should be more likely to click with them, based on the matching.To be honest, people probably wouldn’t mind splashing out a bit more if said matching was done properly.

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I actually spoke to one of the hostesses about this on the night, who made the point that “yes, while matches might not typically be your ‘type’, sometimes as you talk to them you find that you have a lot in common with more deep values etc”.