Swiss culture and dating

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Swiss culture and dating

It is worth noting that no additional police were needed for the maintenance of order, and the authority of the public address announcer was sufficient.

At these multi-day festive occasions, athletic wrestlers, sturdy boulder throwers and strong Hornussen players gave of their best - all to the accompaniment of yodel choirs and accordion orchestras.

And that is - in terms of land area - clearly a world record.

And incidentally, while not quite the world leader, the Swiss wines are well on the way there.

Many of them reflect the course of the agricultural year, such as the ringing in of the vineyard workers in spring, the Alpine ascent and descent during the summer months, and the wine festivals, the Chästeilet cheese sharing and the Älplerchilbi carnivals in autumn.The textile crafts industry also has an eventful past.A few areas, thanks to advanced technology, have enjoyed worldwide attention in haute couture, and the once popular textile handicrafts have found a niche for themselves.No matter whether there is dancing taking place or not, Swiss folk music is mainly dance music.The most commonly heard musical instruments include the "Schwyzerörgeli" (accordion), the violin, bass violin, clarinet and, in certain regions, the dulcimer or Trümpi (Jew's harp).

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There were difficult moments - but time has never stood still.