Stop windows updating

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Stop windows updating

To re-enable Windows Update simply repeat these four steps, but change the Startup Type to ‘Automatic’ Option 2: Setup A Metered Connection Windows 10 offers users on metered connections a compromise: to save bandwidth Microsoft confirms the operating system will only automatically download and install updates it classifies as ‘Priority’.While Microsoft doesn’t reveal its method of classification, this does cut down more frivolous updates which typically include new drivers and software features - both of which have already caused stability problems.Interestingly Microsoft also provides a fourth, slightly different option that is worth considering…The Show/Hide Tool Strangely the so-called ‘Show/Hide Tool’ is not part of Windows 10 nor can it be found through Windows Update. Unlike the three options above, the Show/Hide Tool is not proactive so it doesn’t stop any automatic updates from downloading and installing.Never check for updates (Not Recommended) However, in Windows 10, these options have been removed and you can disable Windows 10 update at all.Sometimes you’ve tried the solutions below to stop Windows 10 update, but it fails to work in times.As indicated by Microsoft, for Home edition users, Windows updates will be pushed to the users’ computer and automatically installed.

Time To See Sense Of course - handy as they are - what all these options illustrate is a need for Microsoft to get with reality.

Limitations - For Windows 10 Home users there is no way to stop security updates.

These are not delivered using the Windows Update Service, but I would not recommend stopping them in any case.

Word of Warning: automatic updates are typically a good thing and I recommend leaving them on in general.

As such these methods should primarily be used for preventing a troublesome update from automatically reinstalling (the dreaded crash loop) or stopping a potentially troublesome update from installing in the first place.

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one of the possible reasons is that Windows 10 Update Assistant modifies the settings in your computer and Windows 10 auto update starts to work again.