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Steam updating 0 complete

Please note the difference between the Digital and Retail patch links.If you have downloaded & installed your game from a digital installer (Uplay Shop, non-Steam digital retailer, etc), you have to download the Digital one.You can also get there by clicking on Library Now all your games are updated and your download cache cleared in case there was a problem.Note: While you're looking at the Downloads tab, you can also spot a few download restrictions. Try running the repair tool in the En Masse Launcher.The repair tool checks for missing, corrupt, or outdated files and replaces them.Steam version Auto patching should be working fine on the Steam platform, just launch the game and you will be on the 2.1 version (you can check it on the main menu at the bottom right hand corner of the game).

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If the progress doesn't move after five minutes: If that doesn't fix the problem, these steps might help.

Check the requirements for your game to see that you have enough free hard drive space to install or patch properly.

The best way to troubleshoot a possible software conflict is to run a clean boot.

Follow the steps in this guide to perform a clean boot.

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Launch the game; you should now be on the 2.1.0 version.