Specialiseddating com

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Specialiseddating com

Cybersecurity firm Agari has been tracking and gathering intelligence on the criminal group since 2017.Through its research, Agari discovered a disturbing trend.Once the hook has been sunk deeply enough, Scarlet Widow strikes.

The criminal group, which has been preying on romance seekers since 2015, employs social engineering techniques to string victims along, squeezing them for all the money they can – sometimes for years.And so the relationship continues, a series of promises never kept and money lost.Scarlet Widow first came onto the radar of ACID, Agari’s research unit, after Scarlet Widow targeted one of its customers in a business email compromise scam in 2017.And, as with the case of ‘Robert Blackwell’, it can be almost impossible for friends and family to persuade a victim that they are being scammed.“The state that some of these victims are in, emotionally and psychologically, it is is difficult for the victims to give that second thought,” says Hassold.All reputable dating sites contain advice pages that warn users of suspicious behaviour.

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Honoring and respecting each other is high on my list,” reads one message from ‘Laura Cahill’.