Sorority sister speed dating

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I, like so many other girls rushing, had decided some of my preferences before I even stepped foot into a sorority house.

Still, I try to use the process to my advantage, remembering where I had the best conversations and made the most memorable impressions. During recruitment, we’re told to ignore what we’ve heard and read online about the different chapter houses.

While waiting, I exchange icy stares with the other girls in my line.I maintain a poker face, but I’m painfully embarrassed. Some use colors to describe their impression of a girls, others have different categories and assign the PNM they spoke with a numerical score for each. Our next round of recruitment, Sisterhood, is two days long. When I apply my makeup in the morning, when a male student interrupts me in class, when I’m catcalled on the street, when boys stare at me at the gym.I’m supposed to visit two houses tonight and one tomorrow. But sorority recruitment, a process that is supposed to connect me with like–minded women and offer female solidarity, made me feel worse about myself than any man ever has. She tells me about how her friends were cut from a lot of houses today.Websites like of Penn’s sororities use adjectives and phrases like “lots of cocaine,” “international," “rich,” “Jewish,” “WASP–y,” “blonde,” and “party girls” to describe my would–be future sisters.These troubling descriptors provide far more information than the short, superficial conversations I had at each of the houses, which all market themselves in the same way.

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I laugh at unfunny jokes and nod my head at stories to which I’m barely listening. The girl I’m talking to helps me collect my belongings and escorts me to the door. But also for superficial reasons, ones that not many girls are willing to admit.

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