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Solaris wtmpx not updating

The principle is that those files * should be left in the same state whether or not accounting is run, so * that they reflect ongoing logins at the time they are cleaned out as * well as subsequent login/logout activity.

* --- cut here ---- (remove up to and including the "|" on the left, too) * |#!

(I would still like to see accounting and utmp[x]/wtmp[x] handling in general tightened up a good deal.) Comments? One may also wish to save old files to serve as a record * _prior to_ running such a shell.edit the /usr/lib/acct/runacct shell), and probably compress or gzip those copies.That would preserve detailed connect-time info on a daily basis, while not confusing accounting.=NULL) fclose(fp); #ifdef WTMPXSYNC if ((fp=fopen(WTMPX_FILE,"a ")) == NULL) (void) time(&now); while ((uxp=getutxent())!=NULL) #endif return(0); ============================== Cut here ========================== try the following one as /etc/rc S.d/S71clean_wtmpx best regards from vienna hans #!

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For those that do, accounting expects wtmp entries to be closed out for currently login sessions (as if the people logged out) prior to using the data, and then new entries to be created (as if they immediately logged back in) to account for their additional connect time in subsequent day(s). As far as I can see, accounting could care less about /var/adm/wtmpx.

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