Sims dating game newest version

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Sims dating game newest version

If you're looking for information about the version for consoles, visit The Sims 4 for PS4 & Xbox One latest news.EA launched The Sims 4 on PC in 2014, then in February 2015 for Mac as a digital download from the Origin store.

Developer Golem Labs anticipates a complete product later this year.If you already downloaded the game for PC but now wish to play it on your Mac, you can do so simply by using the product code on the box.All buyers of the Mac version will get a PC copy and vice versa.EA has announced that The Sims 4 Realm of Magic will be available to buy on 10 September 2019, with pre-orders open right now.As the name suggests, Realm of Magic will focus purely on magical elements, making it the first pack to do so since The Sims Makin’ Magic, originally released in 2003.

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But when are the next The Sims 4 packs coming out, and what will they be called?

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