Shirtless pics on dating sites

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Guys post shirtless pics of themselves on dating websites because they are hoping that this will attract women to them.In posting shirtless pics, they are hoping that they get women to swoon at their physique and choose to message them as a result. Men of the internet, you will never win by posting a shirtless photo of yourself.. If you work out and have something to show, once again – especially if it is a bathroom self portrait – you appear absolutely full of yourself. If you are a male, it is safe to say you are either toned/ripped, or you are not.I admit it's toolish but it's getting me laid so...

They are hoping that women who see their shirtless pics will feel encouraged to message them because they would instantly know that the guy is in great shape.Got dates with at least 3 7 's a week, lots of them commented on my body.I met my current girlfriend online and I had a shirtless pic.Kinda douchey but POF and the like are all about physical beauty and superficial stuff anyway.Put up a shirtless pic of you at the beach or some kind of outdoor event. --- --- Aware Thread: You know you can TRIPLE the Chipotle Bowl, right? t=168524803 S&P crew College - "A young man's perspective on timeless and youthful style"Yes, worked extremely well.

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if you're looking for a long term girl, maybe you don't want her first impression of you to be "vain, arrogant, showoff" etc. I did brief analysis and I've gotten about 3x as many views with a shirtless profile picture.

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