Seven rules for dating my teenage daughter

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Seven rules for dating my teenage daughter

The feud was dramatized earlier this year in an NBC TV movie hosted and co-produced by De Witt.

When Somers left the show in 1981, “there were a lot of hurt feelings,” Ritter said in a People magazine interview last year.

I can truly say that his loss will be felt very personally across the industry, as John had the wonderful ability to make everyone he worked with feel like not just a colleague, but also a friend.

In a career that spanned three decades, he shared his splendid talents on television, film and stage.

You always knew, at some point, there would be a patented John Ritter pratfall or spit take.

He had no shame when it came to making us laugh.” Though the series also featured Katey Sagal as his wife and Kaley Cuoco and Amy Davidson as his daughters, Ritter was the sitcom’s center, making the continuation of the show even more problematic.

But Ritter, who would have celebrated his 55th birthday Wednesday, remains best remembered as Jack Tripper, the closeted heterosexual who shared a Santa Monica apartment with two sexy single women on ABC’s hit sitcom “Three’s Company.”The actor’s loose-limbed physical comedy and verbal antics earned him an Emmy and a Golden Globe.And he was enjoying renewed success as a harried father chasing off the boys who pursued his two teenage girls.In between, Ritter, 54, bounced between comedy and drama, playing such diverse characters as a dying Vietnam veteran, the author of “The Wizard of Oz,” an earnest San Francisco policeman and a gay Southern shop employee.23, is one of the few bright spots on the struggling network’s prime-time schedule.The same network made Ritter a household name in “Three’s Company,” the American version of the British hit “Man About the House.” He won the role over 50 other young actors.

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The beautiful part of it all is that we somehow put together a cast of naturally kooky people."In a downside to the stardom that “Three’s Company” brought them, though, Ritter and De Witt engaged in a highly publicized feud with Somers after she staged a failed holdout for more money.