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Sanaa lathan interracial dating movie

In 2017, Lathan returned to TV in a lead role in the series Shots Fired, and also appeared in the movie American Assassin.Lathan had a recurring role in the Season 4 of The Affair and had the lead role in the Netflix film Nappily Ever After. Certainly I only attest to the quality of the films that I’ve actually seen. Jackson’s films, but could I honestly call “Lakeview Terrace” an interracial romance film? It’ s more of a racist maniac-cop-terrorizes-stable- interracial-couple movie, than a pleasant romcom. Meanwhile, the already-dated “Something New,” (starring Sanaa Lathan and the Australian “hunkey” guy from “The Mentalist” TV show), had talented actors, occasionally clever scripting, attractive locales and a decent script, (although, yes, the ending was a bit hokey).

She followed this the subsequent year with a role in Life with Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy and back-to-back turns in The Best Man and The Wood. Gabrielle Union starred in the unwatchable "Neo Ned," an "interracial romance film" about a skinhead guy who falls for a black woman who believes she is the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler, while sharing time in an asylum. Wikipedia has a page listed that details (at least some) interracial romance films. I tried to give Gabrielle Union (who used to work as a shoe store clerk before hitting the big time) the benefit of the doubt and watch “Neo Ned,” but the premise of a white skinhead guy falling in love with a sistah who believes she is the risen reincarnation of Hitler who meet and fall madly in love while in an insane asylum was a bit much to swallow, much less get excited about. Sanaa Mc Coy Lathan (born September 19, 1971) is an American actress.As a voice actress, from 2009 to 2013, she voiced Donna Tubbs in The Cleveland Show and in all concurrent and subsequent Family Guy appearances.

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For her work in the film, Lathan earned an Essence Award for Best Actress.

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