Richard li isabella leong dating

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Everything went well, with the help of post-natal care from her mother, the recovery was very quickly.Even with the pro-breast-feeding, there has been no feeling of tiredness with the baby.Isabella shocked the public again when the duo announced their separation shortly after the birth of their third son, and the question on everyone’s mind was: “Will Isabella return to the entertainment industry?” While the 24-year-old expressed that she has no intention of returning, she is still a target for paparazzi who wants to capture her every move.

It was only until yesterday that news has been confirmed that Richard Li has been promoted to senior vice president and a father.Recently, Isabella and a handsome young man were spotted enjoying oysters at Rodney’s Oyster House in Toronto.According to sources, they seemed extremely at ease with one another.Giving birth to a child, Isabella feels its a special gift.What makes her most happy is Ethan is a child that loves to laugh, has been making people show beams of smiles.

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