Regular expression for validating web site url stop being intimidating

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Regular expression for validating web site url

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Then I created my regular expression and attached it to a variable called phone RGEX notice that I did not need to wrap the regular expression in quotes this is because javascript natively recognizes regular expressions so there is no need to create them as strings then convert them.

So I have written the following regular expression validator to check the email address. To make this example easier for me to think about, this regex will look for: [email protected] (Why "more.words"?Since I’m mentioning the site, I definitely suggest browsing over to it if you are looking for further reading about regular expressions including sample code and reference material.Also, have a look at a free online regular expression tool by Derek Slager. $ For starters, you’ll want to make sure that you set your expression to ignore the case, or capital letters in a URL will cause it to fail.Make your technology a force for musical expression with this digital guitar Computers, tablets, even i Phones have grown into powerful tools for music making, but for many who play guitar the bridge from analog instrument ...Computers learn how to spot hidden facial expressions Machines are good at spotting obvious emotions like smiles, but they're not so hot at detecting the extremely brief microexpressions that reveal ... : Impressive Real-Time Facial Expression Transfer This is a video from Stanford University of a system developed to transfer one person's facial expressions in real time to a live video feed ...

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So here is the Regular expression pattern:/^[A-Z][0-9] ?

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