Red sox fan dating yankee fan

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Red sox fan dating yankee fan

It’s a solid debate whether it, or Wrigley Park, has more historical significance of the parks currently in use by Major League Baseball. The 2003 American League Championship Series was that of legend.

The Yankees have won only one world championship since 2001. Yankees fans got quiet and as they got quiet, Red Sox fans got louder. Yeah, it was 100 years ago, but it goes to show just how devout Red Sox fans have always been in leading their team to amazing feats, much like they did during the ALCS in 2004. After giving up a grand slam to Red Sox third baseman Joe Foy, the Yankees pitcher Thad Tillotson beans Foy, causing an on-field brawl. Red Sox outfield Reggie Smith charges Tillotson and bodyslams him. After Roger Clemens throws a brushback pitch to Manny Ramirez, both benches clear.

The greater metropolitan Boston area doesn’t come close to 1 million. That has only to do with Yankees’ fans and nothing to do with the Red Sox.

Looking at these numbers, if the Red Sox sell-out a game, the Yankees should be able to draw over 100,000 people per game, or, if the Yankees can only sell 40,000 tickets to a game, the Red Sox should barely be able to scrape together 10,000. In fact, between 20, the Boston Red Sox recorded 820 consecutive sellouts. New York City is an amazing place, but it doesn’t reflect the rest of the world and sometimes Yankees fans seem to forget that.

As with most sports teams, we cheer them either because it’s what our families did before us or because we were born in a certain area.

Very few of us ever pick the teams we cheer for, so it’s important to feel pity, not scorn, for those who are cursed with the cross to bear of being a New York Yankees fan. The babyface to the Yankees heel are the Boston Red Sox who have gallantly strode into battle with their faithful fans by their sides dating back to the late 19th Century. We’re guessing you already know it’s much better to be a Red Sox fan than a Yankees fan, but surely there are a few people in the Big Apple who haven’t seen the light yet. We’ll spell it out for you, and we’ll spell it correctly.

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Part of the reason for their poor performance over the last 15 years probably has to do with the fact they simply keep signing the sloppy seconds of the Red Sox, particularly when it comes to the centerfield position. In a move of sheer stupidity, 72-year-old Yankees bench coach Don Zimmer goes after Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez, who sidesteps Zimmer and watches as the old man hits the ground.

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