Recipient policy not updating email addresses

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You can use the same syntax described in the previous post “HOW TO Update multi-valued attributes in Power Shell” to add one-off email addresses that are not created by an Email Address Policy. Email Addresses = “[email protected]”,”[email protected]”$foo | set-mailbox In Exchange 2010, which uses Power Shell v2, you can add an additional email address to a recipient by using a simpler one-line command: Set-Mailbox bsuneja -Email Addresses @ Similarly, to remove an e-mail address in Exchange 2010: Set-Mailbox bsuneja -Email Addresses @ Once you’ve added additional email addresses for a recipient, the next common question is: Can the user send and receive email using this new email address?

Find out more in HOW TO: Send as alternate email address.

In Exchange 2003/2000, this was done by Recipient Policies.

Policies are a great way to assign standardized email addresses across your organization – for example: .

Note: Script has been tested with exchange2010 but should work with other versions as well.

There is always chance of getting the domain change for any of the organization.

i have read many articles, and the changes it is making seems to only affect "traffic" between our environment and EO.

So, on this blog I am trying to work with the script through which we can add the additional SMTP address on existing email addresses and also how to make that newly added domain as the primary email address.

But what if we need to change the required email address to primary SMTP address.

To be on the safe side, you should make a full backup of all Proxy Addresses for all users and run some Power Shell scripts to test just in case you need to roll back to previous primary email address.

No mail will be lost since the Address Policy is only adding new proxy addresses and not deleting the old ones, but your CEO might get a little miffed if his primary email address suddenly changed.

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