Radioctive dating against evolution

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And that’s just the device you’re using to read this (2GHz CPU by 2GB RAM).

If the theory behind any dating technique is wrong, it will be discovered.

(They actually did experiments to prove that it will be butter side down given the correct parameters of table height, bread size, and horizontal velocity.

Those just happen to match the typical breakfast situation.) Naturalists, or scientists if you prefer, know no absolutes.

What accounts for this stunning disconnect between Americans’ religious convictions and what science has discovered about our origins? There is a fascinating study waiting to be done that digs deep into the reasons for how the young earth creationist rhetoric has been so successful over the past 50 years in America.

My impression from the people I talk to is that at least the surface reason is that they fear accepting the science of evolution will mean losing confidence in the trustworthiness of Scripture.

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Meanwhile, radiological dating gets more and more corroboration between methods and among other methods.

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