Rachel dating joey

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Rachel dating joey

They have a wonderfully romantic date pretending they're not roommates and they get to know each other a whole new level.

Monica and Phoebe have to try to beat Chandler's top scores because Ben is coming over to play and Chandler put dirty words as names for the top scores.

You need the right story, the right characters, the perfect setting, and the appropriate timing.

None of these were present in the coupling of Rachel and Joey from always had superb stories and the couples we saw on the show such as Monica and Chandler, Ross and Rachel, Phoebe and Mike, all made sense.

Joey has a crush on Rachel and feels weird about it.

While watching the movie "Cujo," Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) says, "You know I never thought I would ever say this about a movie, but I really hope this dog dies." In 2008, Jennifer Aniston would star in "Marley and Me," about a mischievous but beloved dog.

Aside from random one-sided flirting on his part, Joey never made any advances towards her.

He was shown to find all the girls attractive but as Joey made clear in the case of Ursula, he never saw his female friends that way.

It’s not easy to bring a couple onscreen that completely works.Speaking to Digital Spy, executive producer Kevin S, Bright revealed how opposed Le Blanc was to the plot twist for his character.“In the beginning, Matt Le Blanc did not want to do that story,” Bright said.When you’ve been best friends with someone for almost an entire decade and had no romantic feelings for one another in that time, the sudden appearance of these feelings isn’t something that can be easily explained.Rachel even mentioned to Joey they had been friends for eight years before he admitted he was in love with her.

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“He was very firmly against it, saying that he’s Ross’ friend, and that the type of friend that Joey is would never go and take someone else’s girlfriend.” However, Bright insists that even though it was a risk, it was worth it as Le Blanc went on to earn an Emmy nomination and his performance was "so wrenching that it almost distracted from the ickiness of the story itself." However, there are a contingent of fans who believe that Joey and Rachel could have, and should have, ended up together.

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