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The weapon fires 5.56mm rounds and utilizes a 24-round magazine.

Despite its scope, the weapon still suffers from the typical inaccuracy of carbines at long-range combat, limiting its suitability only for short and mid-range combat.

As a heavy-duty automatic weapon, the Ruger AC556F was designed to for rough handling in the militaristic environments of combat zones or in pulling security duties.

The Steyr AUG is a bullpup assault rifle created in 1977 by Steyr Mannlicher.

The standard unit comes with a synthetic furniture and a carrying handle mounted on the receiver.

Assault rifles are the standard infantry weapons in most modern armies.

Employing a roller delayed blowback system, it is a very sturdy design, with simple iron sights that consist of a rotary rear drum and hooded front post, a fire selector switch with three settings (safe, fully automatic fire, single shot), and a flash suppressor. The R91 was manufactured by Stent as part of its R series, superseding the manufacturer's own M series of combat assault rifles in the early 21st century.

While other models and variants were developed, the R91's combination of ruggedness, firepower, and low manufacturing costs resulted in its adoption as an assault rifle of the National Guard and issuance to troops on the Anchorage front.

As each bullet travels through the barrel, a portion of the gases expanding behind it is diverted into the gas tube above the barrel, where it impacts the gas piston.

The piston, in turn, is driven backward, pushing the bolt carrier, which causes the bolt to move backwards, ejecting the spent round, and chambering a new round when the recoil spring pushes it back.

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It is one of the favored weapons of the raiders in The Pitt and in 2281, Mick is known for having one in his secret collection in Freeside.