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Quickgps not updating

The GPS test is available for download from the Google Play store free.The best part about using this application is its easy access to organized screens over its home screen itself.There are several applications on Android device using phone location with the help of internal Android GPS Sensor.In addition to this GPS Sensor, there are other sensors such as Proximity, Gyrometer, Accelerometer, etc, are running in Android phone background for different apps and process.

Hence this application is a speedy resolution to all your GPS needs.

In the apps and games like the popular titles Pokemon Go, the GPS locker app for Android makes sure to improve the GPS signal that frequently loses.

The key features like automatic launch when the system is up and keep the process running even when the device is locked makes this a perfect solution to fix GPS.

The free GPS Android app can share the magnetic compass details, that is your location details on any of the above mentioned social networking sites.

Another exciting feature of this app is the ability to save locations of parking spot where your car was last parked, for you to navigate the way back.

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It is critical to run Android GPS and these sensors without any failure to work games, Map apps, and other Android apps as expected.

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