Quicken and chase not updating

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The first screen is informational, just click "Next". Once your bank's name appears in the list you can select it and click "OK".Since we're setting up an OFX Direct Connect user, select that from the radio-group and click "Next". The next page collects a name for the user; for AQBanking to use. The next field is your user id at the bank, and the third is "Client UID".

If successful, you don't have to worry about the Accounts tab at all.

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Gnu Cash can import financial data from several types of files.

Add( "ACCTTYPE", "CHECKING" ); else if ( m_== OFX_SAVINGS_ACCOUNT ) bankacctfrom Tag.

Add( "ACCTTYPE", "SAVINGS" ); else if ( m_== OFX_MONEYMRKT_ACCOUNT ) bankacctfrom Tag.

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Even after assigning a user to the account with the Aq Banking wizard, I still get this. These configuration files will open with a simple text editing program such as "Notepad." To open them with notepad, right click and select "open with" and then choose notepad.

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