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Better alternatives include using song lyrics or memorable movie one liners.And yes, I am very much aware they're in Japanese...If you continue kissing the female, she should ask to have a baby.

Quick money While playing the game, press [Ctrl] [Shift] C and enter the "klapaucius" code. Magic garbage bag The following trick will save the time needed to take the garbage to the street. Order your Sim to empty it, then cancel the order just as they remove the bag from the trashcan. As soon as a Sim enters the shower or bath, go to build mode and use the hand tool to remove the shower or bathtub from the bathroom. Then, move your Sim/shower to somewhere in the house and they will be nude.I like to travel, I love the sun and trying new things.My Single Friend was founded in 2004 by TV presenter and property extraordinaire Sarah Beeny, who is notorious for setting her single friends up.

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Pay the original bill when your mailbox is filled with the next set of bills.