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Polish dating norway

The Antarctic Peter I Island and the sub-Antarctic Bouvet Island are dependent territories and thus not considered part of the kingdom.Norway also lays claim to a section of Antarctica known as Queen Maud Land.From 1537 to 1814, Norway was a part of the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway, and from 1814 to 1905, it was in a personal union with the Kingdom of Sweden. Norway remained neutral until April 1940 when the country was invaded and occupied by Germany until the end of Second World War.Norway has both administrative and political subdivisions on two levels: counties and municipalities.JOIN Polish Dating | Polskie Dziewczyny TODAY IT'S FREE!

Norway has two official names: Norge in Bokmål and Noreg in Nynorsk.

A unitary sovereign state with a constitutional monarchy, Norway divides state power between the parliament, the cabinet and the supreme court, as determined by the 1814 constitution.

The kingdom was established in 872 as a merger of a large number of petty kingdoms and has existed continuously for 1,147 years.

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