Petsmart managers dating associates

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Petsmart managers dating associates

"Pet Smart is the most horrible place I have ever worked for! I was let go because I had heart issues on and off the last year and a half.I was out on and off during that time and because of it my doctor could not determine a date of return on my last time out.This put a great deal of stress on me and the stress caused some additional heart problems.There is little chance of promotion, favoritism runs wild, never call the CARE hotline which is supposed to be set up for employees to report issues, everybody goes with somebody else in the company even though it is against policy, employees are supposed to be certified for certain jobs, but are given the answers to the tests, this causes policy violations which management turns a blind eye.If you are looking to lead a business, look somewhere else our priorities center on things that do not drive the business." "It was fun because of the animals, but overall it was terrible." What do you like about working at Pet Smart?

Personally, I find my job is difficult simply because no one there is really supportive of my position and my work area, other than my support manager that is currently there. " "I've been working at Pet Smart for several months now. Even if I am aware of a scam, and call this manager over, they will approve the return anyways. I know employees whom have been with the company for several years and haven't been promoted.

The management staff are the most rude, uncaring, hypocritical, unprofessional people I've ever worked with.

Violation of company policies and ethics (in general) is a daily thing here due to ignorance of company policies by the management team.

Do not get a job here, it is a terrible place to work." "I've worked for this company for quite a few years now.

The store I am currently in is the worst I've ever had to work at.

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