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When the news spread about my diagnosis, I received encouragement and support. My friends and family wanted to help with anything and everything. I knew I didn’t want to meet guys in the bar like I used to in my 20’s …

I don't know how to explain how I was before it wasn't quite vain, I didn't show off or take selfies in the mirror to show the world like every other young D bag nowadays.

So I've decided to share my journey through my first couple of months of social interaction in the dating scene. When I got back home I was pretty much stuck in the house healing feeling a little overwhelmed.

I got a text from a girl I went on a couple dates with wanting to know how I was doing since I had been in the hospital for a couple weeks.

I constantly check for leaks or think about how my bag looks or feels.

Kind of changed my opinion about sex and ostomies-especially when they were encouraging me to wear my belt during "strenuous" activity.

It is hard to date , when people who don't have an ostomy, don't REALLY know what we are going through. It seems like when you pulled back, very understandable, she kind of withdrew also. I am married (and luckily to another nurse) but I know how self conscious I am with my husband and my ostomy.

I belong to a dating site on Facebook that is called....a dating site for people with Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, IBD, cancer, and ostomies. I got my ileo Dec 23rd so it's been a learning curve.

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By Riley Lewis Castro When most people think of sex, the last thing they think about is cancer.

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I filled her in on my condition and she seemed to be taking it pretty good.