Oshima yuko dating yamada ryosuke

Posted by / 12-May-2020 18:24

if it is true though, i hope it's someone from Tokio ♥ The Jun Mao wedding rumor isn't really a surprise since its been floating on the Net since Hana Yori Dango, both showed up at Shun Oguri and Yamada Yuu's wedding in Hawaii and the blog of that PR who saw them at Shun & Yuu's house for dinner but she later deleted it.Its Tsuyopon and Oshima Yuko's pairing that caught me by surprise, not just because of the age gap but it came out of now where, no rumors, no sightings, nada.

An insider analyzes the situation:"If Shuukan Josei really has an exclusive scoop on this then it's either a family member spilled it out, or there's a possibility of a shotgun wedding.

"If I do get that chance, then that would be the time when I have properly accomplished my goals and dreams after graduating.

I am hopeful that I'll be able to join the show someday, as 'Yuko Oshima, the actress'--as a judge...".

And there's also an unconfirmed source on Twitter claiming that the initials are "K" and "O".

There's a possibility that this was based on reports from Osaka's Hapikuru!

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