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i've had quite a few but they're all real and very touching for me...cancer took away my grandma's life but not her love.

if u lose someone to cancer, i hope you'll see it this way too. I too lost my grandparents (lolo on dad's side and lolo/lola on mom's side).

Sad but true, now I dont worry much on how I feel but rather how my close friends, relatives and family member is grandma on my dad's side died before i was born so i never met her.but it was tragic anyways since my dad was only 11 when she died...The love that we both had (my wife and i) were evident and shown even during her later days. I believe that when your time is up, there is nothing you can do about it. I too lost my grandparents (lolo on dad's side and lolo/lola on mom's side). hehe.thats so sweet tho how u were able to tell your wife exactly how u feel...During her last day, wherein she wasn't able to speak anymore, she just looked at me and spread her arms (meaning "big hug"), i hugged her and told her "i love you" and she nodded back (her own way of saying "i love you too"). I do believe your dreams as i believe that people you love try to communicate to you through dreams. again, im sorry about your loss.cancer really is scary because u can keep telling people to avoid eating this and doing that and so on but its not a 100% sure that these people will never develop cancer.... and once a person has been diagnosed with cancer, it seems like a life-long battle... i feel as if he's too young tho but cancer doesnt really pick its target based on vital stats...

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Sometimes it works on its own, however, i would advise combining it with conventional therapy.