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Secrets to successful dating revealedhave you wondered how some people get all the dates they want while you have to fight for each one you get how is it that they get all the luck what makes them.

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Some were dirty, some were funny, and others were sad, but I loved the thought-provoking ones.

I tried to skip the inappropriate cards quickly enough so she wouldn’t see them, but she stopped me as I was flipping through. I wasn’t looking to laugh at the provocative cards, just the ones I found interesting. God can use the app to bring you a mate, but how much do we have to sacrifice to find him/her when we do it our way? And for this reason, I had to kiss online dating goodbye.

In a book of hundreds of postcards, there were only 5 or 6 that were worth showing her. In the process, I opened my spirit and my mind to things I shouldn’t have seen. Sure, there are plenty of men for me to find on those apps. Our morality, our hearts, and our spirit are all on the table and up for grabs for people who may not even know God. We can choose to trust that He will bring us a mate in His time, or we can try in our own strength to make things happen.

With her southern drawl, in the sweetest tone, she asked: “? But I don’t think God would want me to expose myself to so much temptation, vulgarity, and secular ideals just to find the man HE wants for me. But, there are things of this world that are just not for all Christians. He wants us to live Holy, but that doesn’t mean alone, at home on the weekends with cats. Choose to trust the Heavenly Father, who has planned every day of our lives before we were born. I have to remember this every time the enemy whispers that God’s forgotten about me.

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To speed the process along, I decided to start online dating. The process seemed so easy: Download an app, answer some basic questions about myself and be exposed to the entire “sea of men” people always referenced. One person started a conversation with ““, but in all of his pictures he was half-naked, and in one particular photo he had his middle finger up!

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