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The image above illustrates the beginning of the African-American motorcycle culture– World War II.The famous Tuskegee Airmen braved racisim from both sides, and through heart and perseverance won the respect of their fellow American soldiers and German enemy alike.

The only woman in her unit, she completed rigorous training maneuvers. On one occasion she was followed by a man in a pickup truck who ran her off the road, knocking her off her bike.

Her one Indian notwithstanding, Bessie said of the 27 Harleys she owned in her lifetime, “To me, a Harley is the only motorcycle ever made.” At the age of 19 Bessie Stringfield began tossing a penny onto a map and then riding to wherever it landed. Between her travels, Bessie wed and divorced six times, declaring, “If you kissed, you got married.” She and her first husband were deeply saddened by the loss of three babies and Bessie had no more children.

On divorcing her third husband, Arthur Stringfield, she said, “He asked me to keep his name because I’d made it famous!

The Dragons became ten strong, including members like Mac Arthur, Hooker, Tobie’s brothers Joe Louis and Jonas, Baby Joe, Sam and Cousin Rabbit.

Tobie Gene became the East Bay Dragons MCs first and only president, still reigning and riding after forty-four years.

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