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When creating new features in Open MRS, it is often necessary to change some database columns, add a table, etc.

Database changes are done incrementally so that anyone can update their database from any version to any version.

This section provides examples of the change sets that AWS Cloud Formation would create for common stack changes.

They show how to edit a template directly; modify a single input parameter; plan for resource recreation (replacements), which prevents you from losing data that wasn't backed up or interrupting applications that are running in your stack; and add and remove resources.

After select end point current changeset will be merge and check in on each element of branch tree from start point to end point.

If you are like me doing code review all the time using TFS, you would like to have a tool, by which you enter a work item number, the tool will provide you with a list of files, and for each of the files, it offers a list of changeset number.

Commit both the liquibase xml file and code changes simultaneously to the git hub repository.

Once you commit something to a branch, you should assume that another developer has checked out your code and applied the database changes!

I would like to select single files (or at least single changesets) to update.Herewith all comments of source branch changesets are joined and result copies to one comment of new target branch changeset; Task Id will be linked with this new target branch changeset.If there are conflicts resolve conflict dialog will be shown.Using the "filter by" dropdown in the changes view will only allow me to filter visually, but whenever I right-click on a file or changeset and select "update froject", the whole project will be updated with all pending changes.Example: Germany and France are imported into the database using osm2pgsql.

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After select source branch target branch drop-down list is filled with possible values and target branch value is setted with default value (last value from possible values).

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