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Whenever a customer adds something to the cart, it replaces whatever item was in the cart.If multiple items are added to the cart in a single request, only the last item submitted is added to the cart. To share your feedback, please post in the General Discussion forum For a list of known issues, visit our Bug Report forum.

You might not want to use it on final checkout pages, so that customers don't get confused seeing new items in the cart before payment.

To do so in Excel, open the file and then choose File Contacts: Select the xlsx file you saved previously and click Next.

The fields that you will need to map in order to ensure the system finds the correct records are as follows: First Name Last Name Email Address Address City State Zip Code Match each of those fields with the appropriate field using the Drop-Downs and check the Dup Key check box for each of these.

players who join MTG Arena after those sets have rotated). All players will have access to new basic lands with regular card frames for each Standard set release, and once those cards are in your collection we have no intention of removing them.

For troubleshooting assistance, visit our Technical Support forum.

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This article walks through the process of Exporting your contacts from Google and importing them over the top of your CRM contacts in order to add Notes, Categories or other fields.

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