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He doesn't read me regularly, and so I don't visit him as often as I'd like, but I've always found his blog, with it's humorous forays into televsion production and essays about and interviews with some obscure but important muscians to be a good read at any time.On March 20th, 2005, I wrote the first chapter of "My Sexual History", the longest ongoing serial novel here on my blog. Jurgens lives in Cape Town, South Africa, and is a "warrior wizard" who writes about life and spirituality and the connection between them, and Bob is a scrabble enthusiast and sports nut with a political bent.Dorothea visited my websites, left guestbook entries, and blog comments.I could hardly wait till others began discovering the door I left open in cyberspace.Accompanying this entry are some of the early composites I created especially for the blog.Above, "Each Day is But Another Chance To Rejoice" is one of my "inspirational" images, derived from one of my own photographs.I create most everything you see here, from other photos for composites, or else I take the photos myself.

Ben ), who is a pretty popular Xangan and a fellow student of cultural history.Lisa gave me my very first comment on that second entry in June of 2004.I didn't really understand how to navigate through the Xanga community back in the early days.Although I rarely get visits from Bob anymore, Jurgens has become one of my dearest Xanga friends, and continually writes inspiring and thoughtful posts. She is the blogring leader of the Featured Grownups blogring now, but at the time I hadn't joined the FG group.On April 23, 2005, I posted my internet movie "Renaissance Day", which I streamed from my All Things Mike server (now the links are to the You Tube streams).

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By July of 2004, I had my "style" already in place.