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Mormon teen dating

Family First Experts reveal that parental influence diminishes to almost nothing when adolescents have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

In his book author David Elkind explains that to adolescents, love comes in a fixed amount.

We see young couples in love and we often sigh, “Isn’t that sweet?

” In fact, teenage romance, although it may epitomize unjaded affection, will usually prove more sour than sweet.

I knew, however, that unless she converted, I would never want to marry her.

Because of the Church teachings, however, many Mormon families have rules against dating non-Mormons that apply to children until they’re of age to leave home.

The reality, however, is that all of the consequences for defiance of the Church and its teachings are natural consequences designed to protect the Church and the sanctity and purity of our beliefs and practices.

I personally dated a wonderful Catholic girl during my Sr.

year in high school before my mission, and have enormous respect for her to this day.

That’s why when Evangelicals say that “the Mormon Church is a cult,” I either laugh or roll my eyes.

It’s named “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” and not the Mormon Church, and the only person at the center of our faith is Jesus Christ, and the Church strongly supports the free agency of its members, and is opposed to manipulation and coercion in any form in all Church policy.

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Prophets have long counseled teenagers to avoid steady dating, yet 1/3 of LDS high school students currently have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

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